Red Diamond Package

Red Diamond Package

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This package includes your reserved seat for the Mastermind included in the Blue Diamond Package as well as a post Mastermind networking event so you can have quality face to face time to ask questions and engage with the speakers!


January 12th
9 am: Doors Open
10 am - 1 pm: Speakers
1 pm - 2 pm: Lunch Break
2 pm - 5 pm: Speakers
5 pm - 7 pm: Networking w/ speakers

Spend some time in the penthouse with like-minded individuals looking to build upon their strengths and create powerful networks to boost your life and your business alike!

This Mastermind includes speaking engagements from individuals like Casey Adams, Ricky Gutierrez, Sebastian Ghiorghiu, Tristen Vision, Martez House, Drizzik, Melissa Lyannnguyen, Sam Davis, Marco The Champion, and Max Crouch.